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What is Hypermedia?

The Hypermedia packages are a Client and Server foundational Hypermedia library for .NET. Currently, there is only support for the JSON API format, but the foundation has been designed with extensibility in mind.

The Hypermedia package for serving JSON API from a Web API project is available via NuGet https://www.nuget.org/packages/Hypermedia.JsonApi.WebApi/

The Hypermedia package for providing client extensions to the HttpClient is available via NuGet https://www.nuget.org/packages/Hypermedia.JsonApi.Client/

The source code for the Hypermedia packages are available via GitHub https://github.com/cosullivan/Hypermedia/

Test drive?

A sample JSON API server is available at http://hypermedia.cainosullivan.com/. The server is currently displaying a subset of information from the mythology.stackexchange.com website.

The resource endpoints are available at

To display the data in a more readible way, use the $prettify=yes query string parameter.

Try it out now. http://hypermedia.cainosullivan.com/v1/posts/1?$prettify=true